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Character Creation 2 - Perks and Flaws

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Character Creation 2 - Perks and Flaws Empty Character Creation 2 - Perks and Flaws

Post  Best Sakuya NA on Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:17 pm

Fleshing Out Your Character

Now that we have figured out both Nature and Demeanor, let us continue on to Perks (also known as Qualities) and Flaws (also known as Drawbacks).  You can use these to shape what your character can do in the game.  You must have at least 1 Flaw and at least 1 Perk, but can have many more if you desire.  Each Flaw subtracts from your points, and each Perk adds to your points, and at the end of your selection, you must end with 0 points.  You can have a maximum of 7 Perks/Flaws, but no more.  

Below are a few hints to look into for Perks and Flaws suggestions.  If you have any questions, or are lost completely on what Perks and Flaws you want, please talk to your Storyteller, which in this case would be me.  I will help you with any questions you have.  

  • A long list is about to begin. If it's a Flaw, it gives you
    negative points to your sheet. If it's a Perk, it costs points
    but gives you some kind of benefit.
  • For example, a 2 point Flaw, a 4 point Flaw, and a
    6 point Perk would end you at 0 points successfully.  
  • You must end at 0 points.  
  • You can have a maximum of 7 Perks/Flaws, but no more.  
  • Don't be afraid of the huge list, just skim at first, find what you like.

Additional Notes:

  • If you are planning on playing a supernatural character or a mage,
    for example, you will need ranks in Magic Circuit.
  • You might also want to buy some levels of Hard to Kill, in general,
    if you wish to be durable.  The Grail War can get violent.  
  • Also, if you are playing a human character, it's
    rather odd for you to have Supernatural Qualities. The
    default species to play is human, but you could play a
    half-demon, a freak, a homunculous, etc if your Storyteller
    is cool with it.  
  • If you want Supernatural powers, get creative. One might
    decide that the Webbing Supernatural Quality could be produced
    from the wrists or eyes for a particular player.
  • Supernatural Powers can generally only be used once a day,
    and in many cases are fueled by Luck.  

Simple Suggestions:

Mori recommends Hard to Kill and Magic Circuit for beginners, as a start.  
Combat Reflexes, Confidence, and Danger Sense are also solid choices.
Focused Damage can be deadly on people who don't fight with magic.  

Consider combining things in cool ways, like Doomed and Denial:
Your character knows they will die soon, but doesn't believe they will.  

Below are the list of Perks and Flaws.  They are in mostly alphabetical order.  Click on each letter to expand each section.  Keep in mind this is the same universe that stories like Fate/Zero took place in.  It's a gritty and unforgiving world, and some of these Perks and Flaws will be quite brutal.  This game is not for the squeamish.  

You will, as a Master, use your Perks, as well as your opponents Flaws,  to your advantage.


Acute Sense (1pt. per Sense Perk)
+3 to all rolls involving selected sense (For example, sight or hearing).
+3 to sensory Magic involving selected sense.
Don't forget that this will make bright, noisy,
smelly places very uncomfortable for you, resulting
in -5 for dice rolls where your senses are overloaded.

Addiction (1-6pt. Flaw)
Imposes a roll penalty equal to the Flaw value whenever
you are not able to have your substance of choice for 24
hours. Habitual Drinking and Smoking is 1 point. Caffeine
Addiction is 1 point. Heavy Drinking and Smoking, or
Marijuana is 2 points. Heavy use of m.j. is 3 points.
Alcoholism, cocaine, or barbituates are 4 points. Heroin
is 5 points. Anything else (crack cocaine) is 6 points.

Aging (1-5 pt. Flaw)
You're getting old. Every 10 years over 40 represents
one level of this Flaw. For every level of this flaw, reduce
your maximum Luck by one.  Caps at level 5.  

Allergy (2 or 4 pt. Flaw)
An allergy to a substance, the commonality and danger
of which affects the value of the Flaw. This includes
Asthma, Hay Fever, and other such Flaws.

Anemia (4 or 8 pt. flaw)
Your blood lacks a sufficient amount of hemoglobin
and/or red blood cells. This causes tissue hypoxia. You
often feel tired or weak, either in general or during
exercise, suffer from ennui and poor concentration.
Sometimes you feel short of breath. At times your heart
has to increase cardiac output, leading you along the
path of palpitations and sweatiness.

4 point version: Roll standard every action when
conceivably tired, or take no action.  

8 point version: Roll standard (-5) every action when
conceivably tired, or take no action for that day.  

Anti-Luck (3-9pt Flaw)
You get 1 point for each level you take. Your opponents
gets to use these against you to negate a point of Luck
you spend on one of your rolls once a day per point of
the Anti-Luck Flaw.  Not so fun.

Antisocial Impulses (4 to 8pt Flaw)
Deceit: Your character loves intrigue. You craft
convoluted plans against all of the people you know,
even friends and allies. Standard roll at level 1,
and a Standard (-5) at level 2 roll to avoid deceiving
someone or making a plan more complex than it
needs to be.  

Violence: Once you start, you don't stop until it's done.
You are a berserker. To keep your cool in combat, you
must make a Standard roll at level 1, and a Standard (-5)
at level 2. If you fail, you're not stopping till your foe is
dead, and you can't run away either. This is not the same
as the Mad Enhancement Class Advantage of the Berserker
Servant Class.

Approachable (3 pt. Perk)
There’s something very approachable and nonthreatening
about you. +3 to all Social rolls.

Attractiveness (1 per level, can be a Perk or a Flaw)

Attractiveness Flaw 2: This is starting to go into inhuman territory.
Attractiveness Flaw 1: Unattractive or unhealthy.
Attractiveness 0: Ordinary-looking.
Attractiveness Perk 1-2: You stand out in the crowd.
Attractiveness Perk 3-4: Professional model.
Attractiveness Perk 5: Heart-stopping.

Positive or Negative Attractiveness gives you a bonus
or minus to relevant Social rolls, based on the level of
the Perk/Flaw. Negative Attractiveness also boosts
Intimidation attempts as a side effect, based on the
level of the Flaw.  


Born Behind the Wheel (2 pt. Perk)
If it's got an engine and a way to steer, you can fly or
drive it. You are a natural behind the wheel of any
vehicle, and can eek out that extra bit of performance
out of any crate which the engineer’s didn’t even know
the machine had. You gain a +6 to any Drive or Pilot
roll. This doesn’t help with any animal handling or
riding rolls; it only works with powered vehicles.


Catnapper (4 pt. Perk)
You need to sleep for 2 hours less than the
standard amount per day.  

Chronic Fatigue (6 pt. Flaw)
You require 2 more hours of sleep every night than
the standard amount per day. If you are denied this
amount, you will be at -1 to all rolls that day. You
are always very tired after strenuous activity, giving
the same effect. This Flaw cannot be combined with

Clown (1 pt. Flaw)
You believe that humor can help to improve all
situations, even during inappropriate moments.
You find it hard to avoid cracking wise, even when it
works against you.

Code of Bushido (6 point Flaw)
This is the honor code of the Japanese warrior/retainer.
It demands that the character die a good death with his
honor intact -- one might say that being prepared for
death is the ever-present theme of this philosophy. Other
aspects include filial piety, rectitude, martial prowess,
honor, methods of raising children, and caring for one's
appearance and grooming.

But above all, the code demands absolute loyalty to one's
lord, even if that lord orders the samurai to kill himself
or destroy everything he loves. And if his lord forbids it,
a samurai cannot avenge himself against someone who
has insulted or dishonored him, leaving the samurai to
suffer from the insult and loss of face, silently bearing
the shame until he either kills himself or his lord
rescinds the order. If someone else insults the samurai's
lord, the samurai must answer that insult.

Code of the Chinese Knight (6 point Flaw)
The character must right any wrongs he witnesses,
correct social injustice, keep any oaths of loyalty he
swears, and honor all deals and obligations he accepts.
He must honor good people. The 6 point value of this
includes a vow of poverty, but that can be excluded
and will bring down the value to 5 points.

Compulsive-Aggressive (4 pt. Flaw)
Day-to-day exposure to horrifying scenes, blended with
your innate desire to dust the perpetrators, has caused
you to lose sight of your moral and social perspective on
violence. Naked aggression is your primary way to
interact with others socially.

You can avoid reacting aggressively to other players
by spending 4 Luck points, but this works only once
per day.

Combat Incompetence (2 pt Flaw, Max 2)
-1 from rolls involving physical combat per level
of the perk.  

Combat Reflexes (2 pt Perk, Max 2):
+1 to rolls involving physical combat per level
of the perk.

Confidence (2 pt. Perk)
You possess an untouchable air of superiority that makes
others instinctively realize you're in charge. +2 to all your
Social rolls. -2 to the rolls of any enemy Social against

Conviction (1 pt Perk, Max 3)
With this Perk, you are better able to face the forces of
evil. Each Level of this Perk adds +2 to any roll involving Fear.

Once per day, you can use your Conviction rating as a
temporary +3 boost to rolls for the purposes of escaping
something very dangerous -- a zombie's choke hold, a net,

Covetous (2-6 Flaw)
You know what you want. It can be greed (money),
lechery (sex), ambition (power), and conspicuousness
(fame and renown).

1: You won't break the rules of society or your own
moral code to get what you want.  Standard (+5) to resist
your urges.  

2: You must roll Standard to resist your urges, (-5) to
difficulty if the reward is great.

3: You'll stab friend and family to get what you need.
Standard (-5) any time your urges from this flaw are
remotely relevant to an action to resist them.  

Cultural Snob (2 pt. Flaw)
You despise pop culture, and don’t relate well to people
that enjoy it. +2 difficulty to Social rolls when
dealing with such people.


Denial (4 pt. Mental Flaw)
A person with Denial has had exposure to a particular
stressor, and the experience was so intense that he
established mental blocks around it to protect his ego.
As an example, a man who had his children blood sucked
by a vampire and then watched the children rise as The
Dead might believe that his family is alive and well.
Or some other child would "become" one of his own
children in his mind.

Disgraced (2 or 6 pt. Flaw)
Your character is seen as a non-entity in most social
situations. For 2 points, everyone knows about your
screw-up, they don't like it, and they don't like you.
Social rolls will be at -2. For 6 points, your character
effectively doesn't exist for others and they will ignore
him, refuse to take his money, etc.

Dissociation (5 pt. Flaw)
Instead of feeling horror, revulsion, or anger upon
viewing something terrible, you simply feel nothing.
The risk of life and limb has lost all meaning for you.
Physical and emotional concerns no longer affect you.
Your voice sounds distant and nonchalant, no matter if
you are talking about the news or tearing through your

Dissociatives are so detached it's like they were
playing an MMO. They don't evaluate the risks of a
situation and are fearless to the point of suicidal. They'll
let an enemy land a hit to ensure they'll get a killing
shot, and they'll restrain a foe inside a burning building
to make sure the monster dies.

At the beginning of a fight, Dissociatives must
roll Standard to remember to take defensive actions
during the combat scene. An odd benefit to this blase
outlook is that all penalties from Wounds are always
reduced as if you had 1 less total Wound.

Doomed (1-5 pt. Flaw)
Your character's life expectancy just got a whole lot
shorter. This could be the result of an incurable life threatening
disease, a genetic condition, a curse, cyberrejection,
or something else entirely. There is no cure for
this Flaw, and it can not be bought off with points.
When his time comes, there will be no way for the
character to cheat the Reaper. For one point, the
character can live five more years. For 2, he can live 3
more years. For 3, he will die at the end of one year, 4
points reduces that six months, and 5 marks it down to
just one month.  Minuses to Social roles due to your bleak
demeanor and disposition, dependent on the level of the

Your characters actions, nature, and demeanor would do
well to be shaped around this Flaw if used.  

Dual Nature (6 pt. Perk)
You have two purposes to living - and this allows you to
choose two Natures. You regain Luck for satisfying
either one of them. They must be complimentary or
neutral to each other. Diametrically opposed Natures are
right out. And talk to your Storyteller before you take
this Perk.


Eidetic Memory (1 or 2 pt. Perk)
You have an uncanny ability to remember visions,
events, or impressions.

With the one point level of this Perk, you can freeze an
image in your mind and recall it with precision. You
can do this for up to 3 images. You the player must
write down the circumstances of your snapshot to
help your Storyteller out.

For two points, you can memorize entire books.
You have a +5 to any rolls involving memory.
A battle involving trivia vs. this guy is about as smart
as a land war in Asia.  

Extra Limb (2 pt Perk per limb (Max 4 extra limbs))
This does not give you extra attacks.  It does make it
possible to have one or more extra arms or tentacles
for carrying groceries, fumbling with keys, and so on.

If you are not visibly a demon, this will draw
some stares. If you're a demon and others can see that
you are one, you are probably already used to stares.

Extra Lucky (7 pt. Perk (Max level 3)
Your character is extra Lucky, and as such he
receives 1 extra Luck point per day.

If the character is injured, Luck points can also be
spent once per week to maximize the character's
recovery time, multiplying the Life Points restored
by x2 on any successful rolls that would restore
life at the cost of 7 additional Luck points.  

Emotional Anchor (5 pt. Perk)
"Because you were here, I was able to be myself. You are
more important to me than myself..."

-Tohno Akiha to Shiki, Tsukihime

This advantage gives the character a way to
center themselves emotionally, which can be
useful in staving off Impulse Inversion and other
Mental Problems or Afflictions. If the character
has it, he receives a +8 to rolls involving
mental or emotional stability, and a +4 to any
roll where they are defending their Emotional
Anchor from any kind of harm.

The Emotional Anchor must be made known to
all players, be it a person, a keepsake, etc.  
If death occurs to the Emotional Anchor, then
this Perk will become inactive (the character
has lost a vital link to his humanity).  

Protect your Emotional Anchor well.  

Emotional Influence (2pt per level Perk, max level 3)
You can change the moods of people around you by touch
or eye contact. To resist, your target must make a Standard
Magic Defense Roll - (your Emotional Influence Level x2) roll.
If he fails, this means he has little control over that emotion
for that day. Penalties of -2 per level of Perk are added to all
of their Social rolls for that day.


Familiar (6pt Perk)
Your character was actually built by either his current
master or some other magician. He or she is a created
being made from an animal cadaver and either an animal
spirit, elemental, or a human soul. The cadaver is
blessed and stuffed with enchanted herbs, and then
brought to life through magic.

Using the ghost of a human being as a raw
ingredient during the spell tends to create powerful
familiars and guarantees high intelligence in the
resulting creature. These beings are capable of shifting
back and forth from their human to their animal form
(they can turn into a living version of whatever animal
cadaver was used in their creation) by spending 1
Luck, which they may do as an action.

Once in beast mode, they can do anything the animal
can do (crows can fly, dogs can bite, rats can hide in
a narrow tunnel, etc.)

The familiar must select at least two levels of
Magic Circuit to sustain their existence. Every
Familiar must also select the Immortal Perk.

If for any reason the Familiar's inherent ways of
processing mana are cut, the familiar will die in
one week unless it is restored.  

Flashbacks (5 pt. Mental Flaw)
During exposure to something that reminds you of your
traumatic event, you immediately flash back to your
traumatic event. During your flashback, you are not
interacting with the present in any meaningful way.
Everything is for you as it was - which means when you
come out of your flashback, you could be in a bad
situation. You have to roll Standard (-5) to avoid the
Flashback when it comes. On failure, you cannot act
for the duration of the current action or combat phase.

Focused Damage (3pt per level Perk (Max Level 3-6)
Adds +1 to any roll involving physical damage from
this player to any other player from an attack. Can
be taken by human characters to show martial arts
training. Humans may take up to three levels of this.
Supernatural characters may take up to six levels.  

Frog Tongue (5pt Perk for the tongue,  1 point per level of increased length (Max 3pt added length)
The player may elongate his tongue and then make it stick
to surfaces. It has a range of two yards and can be used to
grab things and cause damage. To use it to hit targets up to
two yards away, the player must roll Standard (+Levels of Perk).

Once the target is hit by the tongue, he can be grappled or
pulled towards the player. Each level of increased length
adds another 2 yards to the tongue.

Fugue (5 pt. Mental Flaw)
Characters with this flaw experience "blackouts" and loss
of memory. If subjected to a particular stressor, the
character begins a specific, rigid behavior set to remove
the stressor. This is not the same as the Multiple
Personality Flaw; the character has no alternates to
toggle control over to. Instead it is better to consider it
"autopilot". You and your GM must decide what kind of
circumstance triggers this, such as the death of a
helpless human, confrontation with a specific type of
monster, or confinement.

Funny (1 pt. Perk)
Your comic timing and sense of the absurd is second to
none. +2 to any Social roll intended to boost morale,
even on yourself.


Gaikokujin (2 pt. Flaw)
You are not native to this country, and has trouble with
some of the finer details.  -2 to Social Rolls.

Good Listener (1 pt. Perk)
You have a keen interest in people, and they open up to
you. +2 to Social rolls.

Good Night Vision (2 pt. )
Your night vision is excellent. +4 to Perception rolls
at night.

Good Sense of Character (2 pt. Perk)
"To be honest, I don't like that girl one bit. It's not one
thing in particular, but something about her doesn't sit
right with me."

You have an innate instinct for reading a person.
+7 to Social rolls on first meeting any character.

Good Taste (1 pt. Perk)
Your taste makes forging contacts with the upper class
much easier. +4 for Social rolls intended to gain acceptance
or impress in a high-society or business situation.

Gun Kata (8 pt. Perk)
"The Gun Kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid
position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum
damage on the maximum number of opponents, while keeping
the defender clear of the statistically-traditional trajectories
of return fire."

-Vice councillor DuPont

Guns in the Nasuverse are rarely effective when used
traditionally.  Therefore, the Gun Kata places emphasis on
two tenets: shooting the enemy as efficiently as possible,
and avoiding return fire. Your character gains two guns
of choice and related ammunition.  You gain +4 to attack
rolls involving the use of your guns, and +4 to avoiding
any projectiles aimed at you in combat.


Hard to Kill (3pt perk per level (Max Level 3 for humans, 6 for supernatural))
Grants +1 to all rolls involving your character's health or survival,
when at 3 or less Health Points, per level purchased. Each level of
Hard to Kill costs 3 Perk Points.

Hollow Leg (1 pt. Perk)
"Shiki-san does not have the same tolerance you do, Akihasama.
Shiki-san, you should say no or you'll be in trouble.
Akiha-sama does not get drunk no matter how much she
drinks, so if you keep drinking with her until she's happy,
you'll end up drinking until dawn!"
"Wait a minute, Kohaku! You make me sound like some sort of

-Tohno Akiha and Kohaku at Tohno Shiki's welcoming

Your character can drink like a fish. Any penalties for
consuming alcohol are removed.

Homonculous (4 pt Perk)
In the Nasuverse, a homonculus is an artificial
being created by using sorcery to reformat sperm cells.
This being then develops into a child who can be raised
normally. Due to their incomplete genetic background,
they sometimes have Physical Flaws such as Doomed,
Odd Features, and so on.

A gene scan on a homonculus, if performed, will
reveal systemic abnormalities and gaps where magic has
formed artificial DNA to complete the organism's missing
genes. In some cases their aging rate is affected by their
condition; some remain as children for decades while
others may become middle-aged in their teenage years.
Due to their unusual biology, using gene therapy on one
is highly discouraged.  If hospitalized, no average
doctor would be able to help you.

Based on Ilya's example, we can conclude that as
organisms which are partially formed by magic, they are
often virtuosos in the field of spellcasting. A homonculous
character has +2 to any rolls to Research or Magic.

Playing a homonculus costs an additional 4 levels of Magic
Circuit. If the player wants to explore the tragic element of
playing artificially created characters, he can select Doomed,
but that is an optional Flaw for the Homonculous Perk and
is not required.

Honorable (3pt per level Flaw (Max Level 3)
This value of this Flaw depends upon the number of
strictures taken by the character. Each level of the Flaw
means that the character must take 2 strictures. Thus
Honorable 3 would give the character 6 strictures.

Here are some sample strictures:
Always Keeps His Word, Accepts Any Challenge to Single
Combat, Always Protects the Weak, Never Accepts Rewards
for Service, Always Avenges Personal Insults, Never Allows
Insults to Personal Organization/Government (etc.), Does Not
Lie, Must Finish the Mission or Die Trying, Must Fight With
Honor and Will Not Attack Weaker Opponents, Never Turns
His Back on an Ally, and Must Oppose the Aims of [the Old
Ones, the Dead Apostles, Heretics, etc.]

As an example, Saber would have Honorable at
level 3. Shiki would have it at level 2.

Acting against your Honorable Flaw causes you to suffer
a -3 penalty to all rolls until you have atoned for it.

Honor Codes are another item that can be included
within the Honorable Flaw. Unlike the above strictures,
these package deals are usually worth one or more
extra Flaw points in and of themselves. Here are some
examples: Sworn to Celibacy (1), Oath of Humility (1),
Oath of Obedience to [x](1), Oath of Poverty (2), Oath
of Silence (2), Pacifism: Can't Kill (1), Pacifism: Can't
Kill and Will Only Harm in Self-Defense (2), Pacifism:
Will Not Harm Others Under Any Circumstances (3),
Sworn to Love One Person Forever (1)

Hysteria (3 pt. Mental Flaw)
Hysterics are unable to control their emotions and will
suffer severe mood swings and violent fits if subjected to
stress and/or anxiety. Talk with your Storyteller and pick
a trigger for this - the presence of children, voices from
beyond, or fire.  

To avoid the mood swings, your character must make a
Standard roll.


Immortal (1pt Perk)
Not getting any older, here ... Unaging is the ability
granted by this power. Time won't kill your character,
but anything else still will.

Indecision (4 pt. Mental Flaw)
"Thou shalt not ... hesitate."
- Moltar, Space Ghost Coast to Coast

When it came down to it, you didn't make the
call - or the call you made was wrong. You made the
choice that got your friends killed. You missed the shot
and hit the hostage. You cut the wrong wire and the
bomb exploded. And when reminded of that bad choice,
you become paralyzed, afraid of being wrong again.
Sadly, in Fate most of the immediate choices you're
going to face are life and death.

The circumstances are usually reminiscent of past
events - the monster looks like the killer from before,
or the crowded streets remind him of being mugged, etc.

The player can roll Standard to resist Indecision.  

Internal Clock (1 pt. Perk)
You have perfect internal timing.

Internal Compass (1 pt. Perk)
You are never lost in any area you have been before.
This Perk does not work in alien dimensions or alternate

Inversion Impulse (4 or 8 pt. Flaw)
If pushed past a certain point, or if introduced
to the appropriate stimulus, your character's personality
will undergo a drastic inversion. A loyal member of a
team will suddenly only care about himself. A chivalrous
and honorable person will become a back-stabber. Some
strong point of the character's original personality may
remain, such as loyalty to a cause or cunning
intelligence, but even that will undoubtedly be used to ill
ends. When a person has inverted, they look and act ...
differently than they did before. This could be
something as dramatic as Spidey's emo getup in Spider-
Man 3 or it could just be a different physicality,
vocabulary, and so on.

Inversion Impulse can be caused by spiritual
corruption from an exterior source such as being
possessed by an evil ghost. It may also be passed along
inside a character's demonic Bloodline.

If the character has the 4 point version of this
Flaw, then he may return to his normal state after an
Inversion. During the time his personality has Inverted,
however, the player should pick new a new Nature and
Demeanor during an episode. Deviant, The Beast, Monster,
Plotter, and Engine are all appropriate choices. If the person
has the 4 point version of this flaw, he may also be calmed
and returned to normal by the appropriate stimulus by rolling

At 8 points, if your character has an Inversion Impulse,
he might never return to his base state. Standard (-5)
to resist the urge for this level of Inversion Impulse are
possible as Actions.

Be warned: people with Inversion Impulse are
often indiscriminately destructive to things and people
around them.

Iron Mind (3 pt. Perk)
Your character is resistant to all forms of Telepathy and
some Supernatural Senses as well as spells and powers
that seek to read or control his thoughts.

Icy (1 or 2 pt. Flaw)
You show no reaction to anything. Others may consider
you a cold fish. If you take just one level of Icy,
you still may show some emotion sometimes (Hisui,
Agent Scully, Egon Spengler, etc). -1 or -2
to Empathy rolls, dependent on level.

Ignorant (1 pt. Flaw)
You tend to miss common cultural references that people
take for granted, so people tend to think you slow or
uneducated.  -1 to Social rolls.

Insensitive (1 pt. Flaw)
You have problems understanding how to gauge other’s
emotional reactions, and can be rather blunt as a result.
-2 to Empathy rolls.


Karoushi (5 pt. Mental Flaw)
The character is a workaholic who is on his way to
working himself to death. This develops in salarymen
and other clerical staff who work in excess of 70 hours a
week. This Mental Flaw often results in the death of
the character from overstress and total physical
exhaustion.  -1 to all rolls for a day if you did not get
your normal uninterrupted sleep the previous day.


Light Sleeper (2 pt. Perk)
You wake quickly from nearby commotions. +5
to Perception, Defense, and Evade rolls if asleep.

Love (4 or 8 pt. Flaw)

4: You are in love with someone. If you have to follow
your heart or your head, roll Standard for which you
wish to do as a player.  

8: Tragic love. You fall for the wrong people, or you
have epic romantic bad luck.  No roll to resist.  You will
go far out of your way, even to death, to protect those
you love.  -3 to all rolls if your Loved one permanently
perishes, undone if they somehow come back.  +3 to all
rolls where their life is in danger, or you are trying to
save them.  This can stack with Emotional Anchor.


Magic Circuit (1pt Perk per level (Max Level 10))
This grants you the ability to study and cast
magic. It is common in supernatural creatures but
relatively rare in humans. The number of these are
determined at birth. Circuits are stretched throughout
the body like nerves and are broken up into core points
and bypasses that connect these points. The bypasses
that link the cores are like the synapses of the brain and
as such if cut or connected hastily, the core will not
change. Strictly speaking, this core itself is the circuit.
Also, the actual location of circuits is found in the soul
rather than in the physical body. That said, the body's
ability to actually express these is pretty important,

Lineages do what they can to tamper with their
blood in order to birth a heir with even just one more
rank in Magic Circuit. Once opened, these spirit paths
can be turned on and off at will.

Trying to increase Magic Circuit rank after a game has
begun, however, is extremely dangerous because the
human soul isn't meant to handle that kind of
modification. Often it is done when the subject is a baby
and therefore hasn't had time to build up spiritual
resistance, and the parents will feed the baby crushed
bone and herbs to force its Magic Circuit to strengthen.
The eccentric Waver Velvet of the Mage's Association
has had some luck using training to gradually raise a
subject's Magic Circuit rank, but his methods are slow -
assume it takes at least a year of steady effort to raise a
Magic Circuit by even one rank.

Each level of Magic Circuit grants +0.5 to all rolls involving
Magic, including defending from Magic related attacks,
rounded down to the closest whole number.  

If a character without any Magic Circuit casts
magic, his own nervous system takes the place of the
normal Magic Circuit - at the expense of his brain and
nerves. Storytellers can feel free to cause the person to
lapse into a state of shock or inflict damage if someone is
foolish enough to try this.

Master of Unlocking (1 pt. Perk)
Your character is at +5 to open mechanical locks as long
as he has the right tools. Electronic locks and Computer
password cracking rolls receive no extra bonuses from
this Perk.

Medicated (1-5 pt. Flaw)
"Hey, Akiha. I wanna go back to my room and sleep."
"No, I won't ask you any more about it, so you have to let me
treat your injuries. So come this way. I can't help but worry if
you go to sleep looking like that."

Your body requires daily medication to stay alive, from
cholesterol medication (1 pt.) to insulin or worse (5 pts).

Each level inflicts 1 point of lethal damage you take every
day when you go one day without your meds.  You can
roll Standard to prevent each individual point of damage.
Each roll and potential wound prevention is calculated

Media Junkie (1 pt. Perk)
You are a voracious consumer of pop culture. +3 to any
Social or Research roll involving pop culture.

Mental Problems (2 pt. per level Flaw, Max level 3)
Pick the level of the flaw.

Mild (1): Your problem is controllable and seldom troubles
you. Many people wouldn't guess you have it.
Severe (2): People suspect something is wrong with you.
Deranged (3): If you believe that you will be stopped or
caught by a major threat, you will control yourself.
Otherwise, it's time to rock.

Cowardice: Subtract the Flaw level from rolls involving
Fear. You cannot take levels of Conviction if you have
this Flaw.

Cruelty: "The scene at the end of the alley is awful.
People have been torn apart like rag dolls. Their body
parts like strewn about the area, and the walls are slick
with blood. How dare she do those kinds of things
without me!"

Cruelty 1 is rather mild enjoyment from causing pain.
At Cruelty 2, you will torture and harm only those who
have angered or attacked you. At Cruelty 3 it is
essentially Antisocial Personality Disorder, and you will
cause extreme suffering even to your closest allies.

Guilt or Shame: an affective state in which one
experiences remorse and conflict at having done
something, or not having done something. It is
mediated by the conscience. Freud described it as the
conflict between the ego and superego. Guilt often leads
to depression, as the subject believes they are
undeserving and thus they are less likely to assert their
own rights and prerogatives.

As Japan is a shame-based society instead of a
guilt-based one, there is more of a sense of etiquette
instead of Western ethics. Shame differs from guilt: in
guilt, the person feels bad because of something done or
not done. Shame is felt when the person believes
something is wrong with them. The first level of guilt can
be taken for low-level cases, which will allow the person
to continue working and living. Past level 1, they must
take another Mental Flaw such as Depression to go along
with Guilt (real-life examples include survivor's guilt).  

Delusions: You believe things that are not true.

Obsession: You'd do anything to attain your goal.

Paranoia: You are annoying and frightening to be

Phobia: Deducts value from Fear test in situations
involving the offending thing.

Recklessness: You don't look before you leap. You are
the poster child for impulsiveness.

Zealot: You are a fanatic, and you will sacrifice anything
for your ideals. You'll defy the law if it conflicts with your

Motion Sickness (4 pt. Flaw)
You become queasy and nauseous easily on boats, cars,
and the like. -3 to all actions when your
sickness comes into play.

Multiple Personalities (3 pt. Mental Flaw)
With this, the character's identity fragments and he
becomes a different person - to deny his trauma, or place
the blame on "someone else". A person in a desperate
situation might become a tough survivor, or become a
murderer to deny his powerlessness. Each personality is
unaware of the others, and they appear in response to
specific situations.

Murphy's Law (5 pt. Flaw)
You have bad breaks all your life. Once per week, the GM
can subtract ten from a roll you make.

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Character Creation 2 - Perks and Flaws Empty Re: Character Creation 2 - Perks and Flaws

Post  Best Sakuya NA on Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:17 am

Continued from above:


Natural Born Leader (6 pt. Perk)
You have a knack for helping and inspiring others, and
people look to you in a crisis. You are able to motivate
those around you and encourage them to do what needs
to be done. Once per week in game, you can give
someone else a +10 to any roll. Best of all this can
be done after the roll has been made. This costs the
Leader an action, and he must explain what he is doing
to help or lead the other player along.

Natural Runner (1 -3 pt. Perk)
You enjoy running, therefore you’re in good shape. Add
+2 to rolls involving walking or running per level bought.
Before a player can purchase levels in Unnatural Runner,
it must purchase all three levels of this Perk.

Negotiator (4 pt. Perk)
Your character is good at helping resolve things by
sounding out situations and analyzing problems with the
cooperation of others. He can reroll once per action during
any test while in a critical diplomatic situation.  

No Natural Luck Recovery (8pt Flaw)
Your character will not regenerate Luck naturally. If the
character has this Flaw, he only can gain half of the
maximum Luck from his Nature and Demeanor per day.

Non-Confrontational (1 pt. Flaw)
You have a hard time bringing up difficult subjects with
others, and avoid fights. -4 to any roll that involves
debating or arguing with someone normally friendly
with you.


Odd Feature (1 pt. per Feature Flaw, Max level 3)
There's something about you that doesn't look right.
You might have elf ears, eyes that are an unusual color
(neon blue or red), eyes that don't have visible pupils,
anime hair, etc. These can be concealed with effort, but
they are inconvenient to have. They will certainly attract
the attention of onlookers. This is a Flaw, not a Perk. It
does not bestow any benefit whatsoever. If you got small
horns from this Flaw, you could not use them to do
extra damage with a Head Butt.

Old Injury (3 or 6 pt. Flaw)
Your body was hurt long ago, and you feel the pain.
Minus 1 or 2 points to Combat and Movement rolls,
dependent on the level of the Flaw.

Old Soul (2 pt. Perk)
Despite whatever biological age you are, you're far
more mature than others might assume.  +4 to all
rolls involving knowledge or wisdom, +6 for ones
relating to ancient history.  

This is a required Perk to pick up if you want to play
the sorts of mature children you see in anime shows.
Note that there may be some raised eyebrows if your
Campus Detective busts out with some Sherlock
Holmesian analysis.


Paranoia (5 pt. Mental Flaw)
The player character's misery and insecurity stem from
persecution and hostility. Paranoids build extensive
persecution complexes which manifest in intricate
conspiracy theories. These theories explain who
torments them and why. Someone who is perceived to be
one of or an agent of THEM may suffer violence from
the paranoid character.

Obviously, being paranoid about vampires and
other walking dead does not mean your character has
this flaw. Only by taking that fear and "kicking it up a
notch - BAM" grants it. The new obsession will force
the character to sacrifice everything he has and everyone
he knows to fight THEM. Any cost of human lives is
worth it - the chance to strike against THEM must be

Paranoids suffer -2 to their Social rolls, and must roll
Standard to avoid committing violence on the group
they are paranoid of when encountered.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (8 pt. Mental Flaw)
Your character has gone through a tremendous ordeal,
and sometimes flashes back to a scene in the past where
something momentous occured. It does not only exist in
soldiers - other stressors such as sexual abuse may also
create this Mental Flaw.

It is very likely to afflict characters who witness
horrible things or suffer terrible losses. It cases a person
to experience the stressor over and over again. The
flashback is triggered by a common stimulus. A veteran
might relive a firefight when the transformer for his
street explode. Someone who was tied to a chair and
tortured might flash back if he sits down in a recliner.
Singed hair would trigger a person who watched his
friend burn to death.

If a trigger appears, the sufferer must roll Standard (-5).
If he fails to accrue a success level, he recalls
the event (the player can spend Luck to avoid the
flashback). During this time, he reacts as if the event
were happening in real time. A veteran might dive for
cover. A torture victim might writhe in agony. While
living through the memory, the character cannot do
anything to invalidate it, and thus he cannot use an
object he has now he didn't have then.

A flashback lasts for either a few seconds or up
to 10 minutes, depending on how traumatic the original
event was.  This potentially takes up an entire action.  
If one of your teammates is there, he can try
to help you snap out of it. Your character will get one
Standard roll as a second action after it begins
to attempt to snap you out of it early.  

Physical Disability (variable Flaw)
Blind (Cool: All vision-based and perception rolls are at -4.
Missing Hand (2): -2 to all rolls involving two hands to
manipulate something. Prosthetics can halve these
penalties, reducing the flaw cost to 1.
Missing Leg or Foot (3): Movement related rolls are
at -2. Combat rolls are at -2. Prosthetics can halve
these penalties, reducing the flaw cost to 1.
Missing Arms (4): You have no arms. You cannot use
tools + same as Missing Hand.  
Missing Legs (4): Sans a wheelchair, you must crawl or
roll on the ground + same as Missing Leg or Foot.  
Quadriplegic (Cool: Your arms and legs do not work. A
motorized wheelchair can be used.  Receives same
penalties as both Missing Arms and Legs.

Pyrokinesis (4pt. per level Perk, Max Level 2)
To purchase this power, the person must have at least a
Magic Circuit of 4.

Your character can use his psychic powers to set things
on fire. Standard (-10) (+Magic Circuit) (+Pyrokinesis x2)
Pyrokinesis can be rolled twice at level 2, and counts both
rolls as separate successes or failures.  

Each success does 1 point in Lethal damage to the target,
each failure does 1 point in Lethal damage to the user.  

Flammable objects only require 1 or more successes
of burning damage to catch fire. Dry wood requires 1.
Clothing or wooden furniture requires 2 or more.
Synthetic furniture requires 4 points. Once it is on fire, it
continues burning unless something exhausts the flames,
or it runs out of material to burn.



Recurring Nightmares (6 pt. Flaw)
Every night will have you roll Standard to see if
you suffer nightmares that night. On any night you
experience nightmares, you suffer -1 to all rolls the
next day because of exhaustion.

Resistance (2 pt. Perk)
Pick one.

Magical: +2 to any rolls involving resisting spells,
magic, and psychic powers that target you.

Physical: +2 to any rolls involving resisting physical
attacks and physical projectiles that target you.

Pain: +2 to any rolls involving enduring pain or
staying conscious.

Poison and Disease: +2 to any rolls against poison
and disease.


Shadow Snap (4pt Perk)
To purchase this power, the person must have at least a
Magic Circuit of 2.

By rolling a Standard (-5) (+Magic Circuit level), you can impale
the shadow of a target with a blade, pinning that person in place
(his Movement would be reduced to zero). Holding a bright light
near the shadow or using a flashbulb against it would shift the
shadow's position, freeing the person. Removing the blade would
also do it. The pinned character can still use any form of ranged,
firearm attacks or sorcery, as well as physical close range combat
if close enough to you, and could produce a light from his own
person to use against the Shadow Snap.

Soft-Hearted (2 pt. Mental Flaw)
Your character is nice and naive, and believes that other
people are basically good. Alternately, he might be one
of the most vocal grouches but he possesses a gruff but
kind personality. Reluctantly kind actions are
appropriate for the others. Other player's Social rolls to
appeal to your good nature are at a +4 bonus.

Spiritual (3 pt. Perk)
Your character strongly believes in his religious doctrine.
This belief gives him comfort and strength in trying
times. When you are in a severely challenging situation,
and are tested, you receive +7 to all rolls for and against
you during that action.  

This can only occur during one action or combat turn, and
can only occur once per week.  Below are some situations
where this might occur:

- lifting a car off of someone
- driving away a vampire from its victim
- leaping in front of someone to take a bullet for them

If you use this gift inappropriately, you run the risk of
angering The Folks Upstairs - and they'll react by
shutting down this Perk and/or permanently reducing
your Luck Pool.


Telekinesis (5,10,20 pt Perk)
To purchase this power, the person must have at least a
Magic Circuit of 4.  All Telekinesis levels have an effective
range of 30 feet.  

If you want to toss people or objects around, this
is the perk for you.  At level 1, you can levitate
small objects, and throw them as an attack after
a successful Standard (-5)(+Magic Circuit) roll.  
The attack cannot deal Lethal damage unless it
is something specifically dangerous, like a knife.  

At level 2, the attack roll is instead Standard (+Magic Circuit),
and you can throw larger objects.  Any blunt object
thrown at level 2 has the velocity to do Lethal damage
as well.  

At level 3, your attacks still have a Standard (+Magic Circuit)
roll, but you can also levitate people with a successful
Standard (-5)(+Magic Circuit) roll, which can only be resisted
through some form of magical resistance.  They can be thrown
for 1 point of Lethal damage if they cannot resist the attack.
Situationally, this may do more than 1 point of damage
(for example, being thrown off of a large cliff may cause
as much as 2 or 3 points of Lethal damage instead).  
At level 3, you can also attempt to stop incoming Lethal
objects such as bullets at a Standard (-5) roll for each
individual object, but it is extremely risky.  

Remote tasks, like attempting to pick a lock or preform
complex tasks at long range, are are at a -2 roll penalty.

Telekinesis requires effort to operate, costing you 1 Luck
for every action or every combat action that you start to
or continue to use the ability.

Telepathy (5 pt per level Perk, max level 4)
Your character can read and speak into the minds of
others. He can also build a virtual network with a
number of people equal to his level in Magic Circuit.
The duration in minutes and range in 10' increments
depends on the Success Levels of a Standard (-10)
(+Magic Circuit) (+Telepathy x2)) roll.

Exceptions exist for those your character knows well. In
that case, your character can communicate with them at
any distance as long as he can see them or knows where
they are.

If a telepath touches someone or looks into their
eyes, he can listen in on what they are thinking. In this
case the subject and the user will make an opposed
Standard (-5) (Magic Circuit) (Telepathy x2)) vs a
Standard (-5) (Magic Circuit) (Telepathy x2)) roll.

If the telepath wins, he can spend a minute per Telepathy
level probing the mind. Eye contact for mind probes only
work if the target is less than five feet away.

Mind Probe Chart
Success Levels/ Effect
1 - Basic emotions.
2 - Surface thoughts.
3 - A simple question can be asked, and a one
sentence answer can be granted.
4 - Can get a clear picture of the target's personality,
sort through it for memories, or get any
information available (if requested).

Technophobe (2 pt. Flaw)
You are severely intimidated by computers &
technology. -5 to Computer, Repair, &
Technology related rolls.

Teenager (2 or 4 pt. Flaw)
Removes your ability to legally smoke, drink, or vote.
You are a ward in the care of another person. If you want
to supersize this, its value rises to 4 and you get to pair it
with Mental Problems (unable to control anger, severe
resentment at the world) and Covetous (Lechery) at -1
or -2.

Trademark (1 pt. Mental Flaw)
You feel you must leave an identifying mark symbol or
token of yours wherever you go and when you do
something important.  



Vulnerability (4,8,12 pt. Flaw)
Officer Palumbo: "Bullets, my only weakness. How did you know?"
- Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

This is worth a number of points ranging from zero
(you take damage from something very rare) to lots of
points (if it is common and does massive damage).

Minor: 4 points. A rare object or substance does
double damage to you.

Major: 8 points. Something common that will do
constant damage, or a special form of attack that
does double damage.

Multiple Vulnerabilities: 12 points. There's a laundry
list of things that'll kill ya.


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Character Creation 2 - Perks and Flaws Empty Re: Character Creation 2 - Perks and Flaws

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Supernatural Perks/Flaws A-M:

Balance of the Cat (Supernatural, 2pt. Perk)
This costs 2 Luck to activate during any given action,
and 1 Luck to keep it running during following actions.
When it's on, the character can run across ropes or rails,
stand on top of posts, effortlessly climb ropes, and instantly
recover from being thrown.

The character's Movement is unhindered while doing
these things.

Bloodline (supernatural, varies)
There is a demon lurking in the bloodline. And that isn't
just a simple metaphor. Our ancestors were a mixed breed of
"something nonhuman" and human. As their descendants, we
also have this element of 'something nonhuman' in our blood.
In regards to that, there are those with strong and those
with weak nonhuman blood. Those with weak nonhuman
blood can live their lives as ordinary people, but those with
strong nonhuman blood may never lead a normal life.
Those with strong blood of our ancestors are born with
special powers. It could be a body that is resistant to death. It
could be the ability to move things without touching them. Or
it could be fangs used to take bodily fluids from other people.
If the blood becomes too strong, the person starts to
gradually lose their sanity. The majority become ravenous
demon cannibals that feed on human flesh.

-Excerpted from Tohno Makihisa's personal journals

Sometime in your past, your family welcomed the
intrusion of something else into it. As a result, the family
line is something other than human, and so are you. Not
all heirs will react to the inhuman blood in the same
way; some develop superhuman control over their
destinies (many levels of Extra Lucky), others lose their
ability to remain humans and become killers, and some
stay dormant and live normal lives. Sometimes people
with the Bloodlines Perk/Flaw will snap and view other
supernatural beings around there as a threat, as they
have a tendency to rely upon their instincts more than
their reason.

There are times when the blood of the character
waxes more powerful, and times when that power wanes.
That's up to the Storyteller to decide. Worse still, if the
player picks Mental Problems, Inversion Impulse,
Doomed, or Fading, the character's original soul may be
completely subsumed by their heritage. This condition
will be visible if the subject is viewed by Supernatural
Senses, and is detectable by a genescan. As for why a
family might have this Flaw, their ancestors could be
cultists or people attempting to bargain with demons in
exchange for something (material wealth, fame, etc.)

Chiurgery (supernatural, 6pt. Perk)
The prerequisites for this power is Magic Circuit rank 2 or
better and Extra Energy 2 or higher.

The character can use accupressure and
massage to concentrate the Mana in the subject's Magic
Circuits, and then astrally jacks into them, causing them
to send Mana throughout the targets' body - immediately
healing Lethal damage (which ordinary First Aid could
not treat).

The character must roll above 10 - Luck. Each success
restores 1 Life Point lost to a Lethal source. It is not easy
to work on someone else's Magic Circuits, though - the user
of this power must lose 1 Luck per success he rolled.

Chiurgery is taxing to use. If it is used by the same
person more than once per day, that character must
spend an additional Luck point to use it the second time.
The third time sets him back two more Luck Points.
Chiugery cannot be used any more than 3 times per day.
All luck costs are doubled if the target of Chiugery is

Corrupted Visions (4 pt. Supernatural Perk)
This power induces hallucinations in victims.

Phantasmagoria, voices from God (but not really),
mocking voices, and so on are all possible. To use the
power, the player must roll above 15 - Luck. Each
success allows him to torment his victim for one turn.

The player can roll up to five times, affecting the potency,
one success brings whispers or glimpses of something
otherworldly, five successes bring a manifestation
of a deity. The visions have no substance whatsoever. If
the target believes someone is messing with his head, he
can resist the effects with a 10 - Luck roll. A well-chosen
illusion relevant to the target causes a +5 penalty to this roll,
and a ridiculous image (Mother Theresa turning into a
bloody tentacle monster) will give the target a bonus -5 to
difficulty on the roll for the target to resist the vision.  

Cyclic Supernatural (2 pt. Flaw) Your supernatural
power waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon.

Danger Sense (supernatural, 1-3pt Perk)
"The back of my head numbs. A horrible chill, as if my body
freezes to my fingertips ... I try to catch my breath. In contrast
my cold body, my throat is scorching. I put my hand in my
pocket and take out my knife. I need a blade in my hand."

- Tohno Shiki, Tsukihime

Some people know when things aren't right. If you have
this power, your Storyteller must grant your character a
simple Awareness test to notice something dangerous even
if you aren't aware of it, with the levels of Danger Sense
adding to the roll.  Caps at level 3.  

Roll is 10 - (Luck + Danger Sense level)

Dimensional Portal (supernatural, 2/3 per level Perk (Max of level 6))
To purchase this power, the person must have at least a
Magic Circuit of 1.  

This is a small Reality Marble, one not significant
enough to be "corrected" by the World. The player can
open a hole into another dimension, where he can store
his stuff and take it out as needed. Alternatively, a
dimensional portal can be permanently wrapped around
the inside of something, forming a "tesseract" (it's bigger
on the inside than it is on the outside).

The cost for the advantage is 2 points per level if it is in
a fixed location and 3 if it is in a mobile location. If the
player enters the dimension, he may only leave via the
portal he entered from. Once the main power is set up,
new gateways to the same dimension may be established
for one point each.

Level 1 - The space is as large inside as a suitcase
Level 2 - The space is as large inside as a closet.
Level 3 - The space is as large inside as a room.
Level 4 - The space is as large inside as a house.
Level 5 - The space is as large inside as a city block.
Level 6 - The space is as large inside as a town.

Divinity: Epic Destiny (10pt per level Perk (max level 2), Supernatural)
Adds 1 re-roll of any failed dice test per week for each level bought.  

Ectoplasm Extrusion (supernatural, 6 pt. Perk)
To purchase this power, the person must have at least a
Magic Circuit of 4.

The player creates up to four ectoplasmic tentacles that
can be used independently to reach out and grab objects,
hit things, or envelop targets and smother them. The reach
is 15 feet.

To use the power, the player must roll 10 - Luck to create
the tentacles.  Every subsequent action, the player must
spend 3 points of Luck to maintain the Ectoplasm tentacles,
or they disappear and cannot be summoned until the next

Extra Actions (20pt. Perk, Supernatural)
When your initiative comes around, you get one extra
action. This is an extremely rare Perk.

It is only meant for truly alien creatures that can warp

Extra Energy (Supernatural, 1-2pt Perk)
Adds +1-2 to all rolls involving magic, mana, or spells.
This includes when you use magic, mana, or spells to
resist attacks, even if the attacks are not magic based.    

Fake Past (8pt Perk, Supernatural)
This character is able to instantly create a new history
for themselves by hypnotizing others around them.
Most human beings will have no Resistance, making
them viable targets for this power. Humans can resist
this power with a roll of 20 - (Luck + Magic Circuit)

If they fail, upon seeing the character for the first time,
others "remember" him and reflect on the past they
shared together. This is one way for a Magus or
member of the Church to infiltrate an organization.

In all likelihood, if the Fake Past power is deactivated
for any reason, the others will simply forget about the
character, as if they never existed in the first place.

Focused Damage (3pt per level Perk (Max Level 3-6)
Adds +1 to any roll involving physical damage from
this player to any other player from an attack. Can
be taken by human characters to show martial arts
training. Humans may take up to three levels of this.
Supernatural characters may take up to six levels.  

Hard to Kill (4pt perk per level (Max Level 3 for humans, 6 for supernatural))
Grants +1 to ALL rolls involving your character's health or survival,
when at 3 or less Health Points, per level purchased. Each level of
Hard to Kill costs 4 Perk Points. Cannot be recommended highly
enough. If you have any leftover points, go ahead and get some.

Hypnosis (5/10/20pt Perk, Supernatural)
To purchase this power, the person must have at least a
Magic Circuit of 1.  Each level of Hypnosis gives a new
action but only one of these actions can be used per turn.  

Level 1 (Look into my Eyes): Your character can
cause someone to hesitate for a few moments (enough
for one rounds' worth of free attacks.)  The victim cannot
defend, but the user of this ability uses up one action on
use. The user rolls + (Magic circuit level), and the defender
does the same. If the defender loses, he fails to resist this

Level 2 (What do you See): The user creates
illusions and muddles the senses. The character could
rend himself invisible or appear to be someone else. The
user rolls + (Magic circuit level + Hypnosis level) and the
defender does the same. If the defender loses, he fails to
resist this power. Level 2 grants a +2 modifier to Look into
my Eyes rolls for the user.

Level 3 (Come to Me): The being can command
others to do particular things. The same + (Magic circuit
level + Hypnosis level) rolls are used. If the commanded
person is ordered to do something against his moral code or will
to survive, he receives a bonus of +5 to resist.

Infectious Touch (5pt Perk, Supernatural)
To purchase this power, the person must have at least a
Magic Circuit of 1.  

To use this power, the player must first make physical
contact with his target. Then his (Luck) + 5 + his roll
are matched against his opponent's (Luck) + his roll.  

If the Infectious Touch user wins, the target takes 1 Life
Point worth of damage.  The Life Points lost to Infectious
Touch return at 25% of their normal rate, during which
time the patient will be feverish, nauseous, weak, and
otherwise miserable.

Immune to Falling (4pt Perk, Supernatural )
Your supernatural character can never fall unless he is
unconscious. If you jump off a building, you'll slowly
float down to the bottom (at the economical cost of 1

Mechanical Genius (supernatural, 2 per level, Max Level 6)
Your character has an innate ability to create, control,
and modify machines. You may even use the
Superscience talent to modify items as long as their
Power Level remains unchanged.

Level 1 - character repairs things at 2x normal speed, +
1 to Technology and Repair skills
Level 2 - character repairs things at 5x normal speed, +
1 to Technology and Repair skills
Level 3 - character repairs things at 10 x normal speed,
+ 2 to Technology and Repair Skills
Level 4 - character repairs things at 20x normal speed,
+2 to Technology and Repair Skills
Level 5 - character repairs things at 50x normal speed,
+3 to Technology and Repair Skills
Level 6 - character repairs things at 100x normal speed,
+3 to Technology and Repair Skills

Supernatural Perks/Flaws N-Z:

Nanjin Adept (4 or 8 pt. Perk, Supernatural)
This gift allows the owner to "see with the heart",
allowing him to avoid over-reliance on his eyes for
seeing his environment. It is impossible to blindside a
Nanjin Adept, as they have 360 degree "vision". Nanjin
Adepts are immune to the effects of invisibility and
darkness. They also gain +2 to 4 to all rolls involving
Perception, based on the level of the skill.

Natural Armor (supernatural, 2pt. Perk)
Your character subtracts -1 from any enemy rolls
involving damage to you, including Lethal.

Natural Born Killer (10 points, Supernatural)
Instead of getting your violent tendencies through a
Bloodline, your darkness is inborn. This is the
advantage built for assassins such as the Nanaya clan.
Natural Born Killers must also put at least one level each
in Hard to Kill, Focused Damage, and Combat Reflexes.  

+1 to all rolls involving you attempting to kill someone,
or someone attempting to hurt or kill you.  

Frequently Natural Born Killers begin play with the
Impulse Inversion Flaw. NBKs also do not often get
along well with "unnatural" beings, and if the Impulse
Inversion Flaw kicks in while they are around one, they
intuitively know what they have to do.

No Natural Healing (Supernatural, 6 Pt. Flaw)
Sadly you do not have any way to biologically recover
from damage you take. As a result, wounds you take are
there to stay, unless healed by an external source.

Regeneration (6pt Perk, Supernatural)
Your character heals quickly. The amount of Life Points
you heal every 24 hours is doubled.  

Spider-Climb (4 pt. Perk, Supernatural)
You can run up sheer vertical surfaces at your full
movement, or can crawl upside down on ceilings at 1/4
your movement.

Unique Kill (10 pt. Perk, Supernatural)
Unless specific preparations are made in the disposition
of your remains, you will not stay dead. This could be
your being beheaded, or your body burned to ashes. If
you aren't destroyed in just the right way, you will
eventually recover from all your injuries and rise again.
This power can only be taken if there is but one specific
way to kill the being. Vampires have lots of ways
including massive damage, so they can't take this power.

Unnatural Runner (1 to 3 pt. Perk, Supernatural)
This Perk cannot be taken unless the person already has
Natural Runner at 3. Unnatural Runner stacks on top
of that, granting an additional +1 to Movement per
level. This is a handy Perk for simulating supernatural
creatures that are inhumanly fast, such as Nanaya Shiki
and the zombies in 28 Days Later.

Webbing (6 point Perk, Supernatural)
The character has a special gland near his abdomen,
with an orifice above the navel. The gland can create
massive amounts of webbing akin to spider silk.
Webbing is a Wild card skill. The player can use it to
seal off openings, bind opponents, and lower itself from
high positions. The webbing has 1 Life point, but it is
extremely strong and sticky.

Trapped victims may escape the web if they can
match a (roll + Luck) higher than 8. The webbing is
thicker than a spider's (about 1" in diameter, but still
hard to see from a distance.

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