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Character Creation 3 - Servant Classes

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Character Creation 3 - Servant Classes Empty Character Creation 3 - Servant Classes

Post  Best Sakuya NA on Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:16 pm

Servants or Epic Heroes

Important Note: As of this time, Servants are not implemented in the current version of the Nasuverse game. As such, all information listed below is not pertinent to current games, but may be added in a later update.

Summoning a particular Servant is a very difficult task.
" Let me ask you something: do you believe you could defeat
your own Servant? They are supremely powerful. Even other
Servants have trouble defeating them, so their Masters go
without saying."

-Tohsaka Rin

Servants/Epic Heroes were originally champions selected by the Throne of Heroes, a special location which exists outside the circle of transmigration. In this location the souls of heroes "reside". Within the Throne, they have knowledge of every other Servant/Epic Hero, thus if they are summoned to a Grail War, they'll recognize another one as "Caster", "Archer", etc.

Though there have been other Holy Grails, there has only been one series of Grail Wars when Servants were summoned, and those were the Fuyuki Grail Wars, the Heavens' Feels (Our Grail Wars). Therefore there are no other opportunities for Servants to be summoned into a Grail War, regardless of the setting. Servants are transcendent beings, with statistics and capacities far above those of mortal men. Yet they are simultaneously crippled, for they are dependent on a mortal magus, termed a "Master", who can supply them the Mana (in our game, Luck) they need to continue existing in our reality once they are summoned to our plane.

The Grail itself dictates the terms; officially there are only seven Classes of Servants that can be summoned. Please remember the gigantic difference in scale between a mortal and a Servant when planning out combat around them.

Servants functionally have 1 level each in Combat Reflexes, Confidence, Danger Sense, and Hard to Kill.
They must also have a Magic Circuit rank of 3. Servants require 1 Luck per action and 1 Luck per turn of combat to maintain, and if your Luck hits zero, they will vanish until they can be summoned again in the next Grail War. Therefore, always de-summon them before running out of Luck entirely.

Many of them seem capable to survive lots of damage, which comes in the form of Natural Armor.

General descriptions of the classes are below. The individual servants may vary wildly from these descriptions, but they're a decent guideline to the classes.

Saber, the knight. They have +5 to any rolls involving Magic
Resistance. They have good strength and decent overall
stats and often use a sword, with a +5 to close combat rolls.
Sabers can pilot or ride almost anything. They are generally very
heroic, and if you need them to do something against their
particular ideals without a command scroll, you will need to roll
20 - (Luck/2, rounded down).

Berserker, the insane soldier. Known for their superb
defense, and overwhelming strength. Berserkers will not stop
fighting, and in order to be eligible for this Class, they
must have gone mad during their lifetime at least once.
They are specialized in destruction through rage, with +10 to
any form of direct combat, and the ability to continue to fight
for 1 action when at 0 Life Points. Materializing Berserkers is
expensive in terms of cost to the Master, which forces the Master
to pay double Luck when summoning Berserkers. Berserkers are
difficult to control and may even end up killing their summoners.
Masters must roll 5 - Luck every time Berserker is active, and
they take 1 Lethal Damage if they fail the roll.

Caster, the mage. Possesses the Class quality Territory
Creation which allows them to make a powerful magical
laboratory for them and their Masters to use as a hideout,
research facility, or even just a safehouse. They also have
Fantastic Magic Circuit ranks and are capable of powerful
sorcery and true miracles. They also have terrible physical
stats. +5 to all Magic related endeavors and combat,
-5 to all physical related endeavors and combat.

Assassin, the hunter. While the Assassin class has
difficulty fighting the other Servant Classes, they are
specialized in eliminating the Masters who control the
other Servants. They have the class ability Presence
Concealment, forcing anyone that wants to detect their
presence to roll a 10 - Luck simply to be aware of them.
Unlike the other Classes, they are always
the same hero, Hassan-I-Sabah, although Assassin can
split into separate bodies which share a group
consciousness, though each body must talk to the others
to pool their knowledge. Each body of Assassin wears the
same skull mask, beneath which they have no face.

Lancer, the spearman. Lancers are known for their
incredible agility and outstanding battle skill. +10 to all
physical, close combat rolls, -5 to magic resistance rolls.
They are generally very heroic, and if you need them to do
something against their particular ideals without a command
scroll, you will need to roll 20 - (Luck/2, rounded down).

Archer, the ranged fighter. Archers possess the Class
ability Independent Action which allows them to act
without the assistance (or consent!) of their Master.
They specialize in ranged attacks, have supernatural
senses including clairvoyance, and while they may have
average to low stats they possess excellent skills and
powerful Noble Phantasms. +10 to all rolls where they
have a range advantage against their opponent, +5 to
any roll of resistance when at a range advantage. The
Master must roll a 20 - (Luck/2, rounded down) roll any
time they want to ask the Archer to do something without
a Command Seal, regardless of their dispositions.

Rider: the fleet-of-foot soldier. Has incredible mobility
and speed. They need a mount of legendary quality.
They have wildly varying skills. Riders tend to have
extremely powerful and unique Noble Phantasms.
+5 to any rolls involving mobility or movement,
+5 to all rolls involving resistance to damage.

Best Sakuya NA
Best Sakuya NA

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