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Max surprise

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Max surprise

Post  Blanci on Tue May 27, 2014 6:52 am

mxdcyw2000 as Sami against TTs Max on Blood On My Hands map.
A few days ago i saw this game and thought TTs choice of Max was bad on a map where artys seem important.
And mxdcyw  appeared to be winning !? 
..then suddenly TTs Max won it !
Interesting game to check out ...


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Re: Max surprise

Post  Nyvelion on Tue May 27, 2014 11:17 am

I'm no expert.. but I would think that that being a map where Battle Copters are also important would help Max quite a bit.

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Re: Max surprise

Post  Xmo5 on Tue May 27, 2014 1:17 pm

T_T is also a really good player. Granted, the two players' league rankings are similar, but notice that T_T's is based on an 83% win rate while mxdcyw2000's is based more on the idea of "length of credit history". I'm not saying mxdcyw2000 is a bad player, but I think that if T_T had as many total wins as them, his/her rank would be much higher.

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AWBW Map Committee
AWBW Map Committee

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Re: Max surprise

Post  Best Sakuya NA on Wed May 28, 2014 1:05 am

Seems like Sami would be hard as heck to use on that map.  Blood on my Hands is usually chokey fights in the corners, with copters zipping around to control the pace of the fronts.  If the game gets late enough you get some battleship play too.  

Sami is more about small maps where you can force early infantry scuffles over contested territory, short supply lines for mechs with heavy terrain to delay tanks, and generally tries to win the fight early.  Max is more about a mid-game wall of tanks and copters, and tries to encourage mobile engagements so it's difficult to actually force him into an indirect war.  

The map in question doesn't particularly favor Sami in the midgame, there's not enough cover in the right places for mechs to survive tank/copter pushes on the sides, and Sami vs Max tanks is a slow loss by attrition.  There isn't a 2 on 1 base scenario that would strengthen mech potential either, as all three bases are fairly far away from each other. Most of it is likely that while indirects are strong in the corners, so are copters, which is part of what makes that map so unique and played so often: It has a strong chokepoint that's situationally quite easily breakable with a concerted push due to the heavy focus on roads in the corner terrain composition, requiring a lot of planning ahead on all fronts.  

I personally wouldn't run Sami on that map unless I had to, and Max seems like a great choice for SCOP attacks on the corners.


Also, thanks for posting this.  I missed typing this kind of stuff very much.
Best Sakuya NA

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Re: Max surprise

Post  Blanci on Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:15 pm

Did anyone look over the game replay?
i just noticed Mxyc200 got maybe a little overconfident and bought 2 black boats !! Thats a lot of cash that wasnt used for tank or arty or even B copter.

The first one almost looked handy defensively, but really id think the bb needs to get transporting a bunch of mechs first before being used to shield.

Often Javier kicks even Von bolt with his arties on this map and similarly Max really shouldnt shine. There is littlr open battlefront ...the land vehicle fronts are all just 1 or 2 squares wide.
Copters are one part of equation. To be honest i m no expert with Max , hardly ever used him nor faced him in serious situation.


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Re: Max surprise

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