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Ascension Verore - Control Deck (Cthulhugirl)

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Ascension Verore - Control Deck (Cthulhugirl)

Post  Best Sakuya NA on Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:15 am

Cthulhugirl's new Ascension Verore deck (or a close approximation of it), used against WWKnight's Genesis deck in the preview Ascension games. Heavy focus on spells and control.

The deck sends Subjugated Dragon to the graveyard using Demon of Gluttony, then brings him back with Dark Wish, then copies those Dragons with Apparition. From there, you can attack with the Dragons, and if they die (or if you decide to kill them) the demon fliers they spawn on death synergize with Master of Demons and Blood Arrow. Additionally, for each spell you cast, you can bring even more demons to the field with Summoning Stone.

Best Sakuya NA
Best Sakuya NA

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