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New Competitive Battle/ Tourney Scenario for Wild Maps !

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New Competitive Battle/ Tourney Scenario for Wild Maps !

Post  Blanci on Fri Oct 10, 2014 7:30 am

OK so whatever whacky and fun map with assorted predeployeds and everything generally suffers the wrath of Khan largely based around balance issues, you know fairness.  Fair enough, but a pity.

Well there seems a simple way around this problem.
Assuming a hefty imbalance and and lets say red star massively outguns blackhole.

Well instead of win/lose objective, if we simply say the objective is to get the hq or comm or whatever in the fewest number of days then we have a fun competitive game with no worries over fta or whatever!
This is easy to implement as tourney or even as continous challenge: simply record the number of days to reach objective. Whoever has fewest days is doing best, winning. There will be a best attacking and a best defending aspect to this. This would be like finding the best penalty taker (soccer Mathew LeTissier ) and best penalty saver (Gareth Sprake?) .

For a tourney, results could be posted in tourney thread. Alternatively as a continual ongoing challenge, the results could be posted on the map itself in the comments, and compared with the results of others. Each map would have its own super attacker and defender, by which others can compare, and try to out do.  Perhaps some defenders are so good could they beat the odds and even manage win.
I think this form of scoring would soften the emotional ups and down of normal win-lose competitions and for many people lead to more less stressful gaming.

( i think i was dreaming about this for kids badminton tournaments ..just recording total points scored rather than  1 or 0 (horrid zeros after such a lot of hard work! is worse than school exams) i m getting fed up seeing young kids working themselves up too much and crying and really not enjoying and this greatly hampers their learning too.)


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Re: New Competitive Battle/ Tourney Scenario for Wild Maps !

Post  Xmo5 on Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:11 pm

Sounds kind of fun to me. It certainly adds a new flavor and I can't see why it wouldn't be worth trying. I already posted on your other thread, but this map might be relevant here too:

Invasion Confirmed

Theoretically something like this could be skewed so that nearly always either the invasion would be successful or the home team could fend off the invasion. Whichever way you decide to pick, you could implement an identical scenario for both players in the same map. Due to FTA issues if the same number of turns were taken, if the person with FTA (or STA per my other post) can finish their side, they have to stop before taking the final blow (capturing etc) and instead declaring checkmate on that front. The opponent then has their remaining turn to win on their corresponding front or forfeit the game but they wouldn't be allowed to move anything on the lost front to preserve it as-is. In the event that they can win too, a tiebreaker would be held or some sort I would imagine. If they can't, then the victor would simply deal the final blow on their turn and they would be awarded the victory as if it took place one game day prior.

A bit complicated and reliant on the honor code to a degree, but just a thought.

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