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Advance Wars Dual Strike Debate

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Advance Wars Dual Strike Debate

Post  JakeSamiRulz on Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:42 am

JakeSamiRulz and MaraSargon are trying to get some folks together for an AWDS debate. Details in this blog post.

To summarize what's in that blog post: we want to get together at least 4 debaters and 3 judges for a debate tournament. Debaters can pick from any CO or Tag in AWDS, and will try to argue why their chosen faction is better than the others. The judges will have three criteria to determine which debater gets their vote in each round.

The tournament itself will be somewhat of a double-elimination. Everyone starts in the Winner's Bracket, which is seeded based on how your chosen CO or Tag is favored in the tier list. In this bracket, debaters compete for 1st place. If you are eliminated, you get bumped down to the Loser's Bracket, which competes for 2nd place. If you are eliminated in that bracket as well, you're out of the tournament for good.

If you're interested in participating, please let me know! The debate tournament will be hosted at our forum, including a proper sign-up sheet to keep track of who claims which Tag/CO.

With the date of Custom Wars Tactics with Networking getting a more pinpoint date of release (this summer), and the complete lackluster of information regarding Commanding Officer Tags for AWDS in general... We decided that a debate would be a good way of stirring up information about the game in a controlled environment. I'm hoping that I can find a home where we can put a lot of our core strategies all in one place by starting a wiki. Without information, however, these things tend to wither.

My hope is just to see how many would be interested in these debates. If not, then just answering this would be enough...
"Can tags be valid in player vs. player? Explain."

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