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April 2nd Global League Update

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April 2nd Global League Update

Post  Best Sakuya NA on Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:53 am

So, in March, I said:

Best Sakuya NA wrote:Hey AWBW community! Going forward, the Map Committee will be doing their best to post updates, or patch notes, on Global League changes further in advance than before. This will allow you to see future planned changes to the Global League before they happen, and give meaningful feedback before the patch hits.

I dropped the ball on that one pretty badly. Going forward starting today, we'll be doing the Rotation Map work starting as early as the the beginning of the month, and will try to get the preliminary May Rotation Maps ironed out far in advance for you to see. Again, my apologies for being so slow with the April update.

April 2 Global League Update:

Persistent Maps
No Changes

Since the Persistent Maps were already changed in March, and no other changes seem necessary yet, the Persistent Maps will stay the same for this month.

Rotation Maps
Remove Enuma Elish
Remove Haipah Biim
Remove Sandland
Remove Stormiest Glen
Remove Where Giants Have Fallen
Added It That Betrays
Added Lucifer
Added Panopticon Redux
Added Phlogistic Rain
Added Stir Before Using

I'm very excited for some of these maps, and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing feedback from AWBW players on these picks. Here's some Map Committee thoughts on these maps.

It That Betrays

Walker Boh wrote:This map has a lot of depth to it, I like it. At heart it seems to be a base-trade map, except you'll trade labs instead of bases. Both labs are pretty exposed, but there's definitely ways to support both, especially the more central of the pair. I think games will play out in a variety of different ways here, as it's possible to create several different 2v1 situations and put pressure on quite a few different areas.


Best Sakuya NA wrote:Lines of mountains and a soft 2v1 base setup dictate the flow of the units to the fronts here. The airport position is relevant but not forward enough to be overly strong. Some key terrain, especially along the sides, should lead to some straightforward and fun engagements.

Panopticon Redux

Best Sakuya NA wrote:With maps like Stormiest Glen and Panopticon Redux, the Map Committee is trying to find a nice balance between solid competitive play and creative gimmicks. At its heart, Panopticon has 2 bases fighting 2 bases and an airport on two somewhat separate fronts, but the high amount of funds available and the black tiles should lead to some interesting build options in the mid to late game.

Phlogistic Rain

Best Sakuya NA wrote:Phlogistic Rain is a small, tight, two base map with some predeployed Black Boat options. Early tank zoning should be followed by aggressive 2 base play over the contested cities. Characters like Max and Von Bolt exert powerful early game presence here, so be sure to keep an eye on which commanders are available when you get matched up here.

Stir Before Using

Best Sakuya NA wrote:Used in a tournament or two in the past, Stir Before Using forgoes gimmicks and strange build options for reliability and terrain that allows for a a stable lategame. Your long term "macro" abilities will be tested here, and you'll need strong walling to survive the midgame. Air is powerful in the early game in the right situations, but AA tracking by the midgame should negate that early strength.
Best Sakuya NA
Best Sakuya NA

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