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Post  Blanci on Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:48 am

One great thing about advance wars panzer general type games is the pick up and go simplicity of the game mechanics or rules. Most rules are intuitively obvious .. Eg a tank is stronger and moves further than an infantry and artillery only fires on distant enemy units etc.  As a comparison some chess rules are quite tricky for beginner ... AW has the advantage of being more realistic.

Nevertheless, unfortunately a few of the AW rules or mechanics or workings particularly with lesser known units, are suprisingly quite unrealistic. Like the fact that air units cannot fly over enemy land units. This air problem could be nearly solved with a very simple fix.. Just allow them to overfly. This example and others are often debated in this and in old forum.  A space to collect such fixes might be nice.

I recently played a highly interesting game with air land and sea on map Pacific Bay

Here a number of realism issues arose which could really mess up your game if you were unaware.  Several would be extremely easy fixes too. And some of them would be probably almost non controversial issues, apart from simply the argument of obstinant no change philosophy.
A few examples here ...
Black boats or APC  refuelling and repairing air units or submerged subs is plain silly.
Aircraft Carriers should be the proper unit to repair refuel air units at sea and only when they set down.  
And subs should surface to get refuelled repaired.
And subs should have more fuel to begin with !  

All these issues are easy fixes.

More to come.. And any similar issues please feel free to post below.


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