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Custom CO's

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Custom CO's

Post  IPS on Tue May 05, 2015 8:27 pm

At ABWB there are about 10 nations with no designed CO's at all, alike there is a somehow big lack of CO's in the current AWDS series even if they seem to be too much, I play more oftenly with 5-7 of them all the matches and not counting the 5 broken ones (Colin, Grit, Sensei, Kambei and Hachi). Aswell there are lots of possible personalities that our CO's could have or even particular unit specialization only seen in Sensei with his B.Copters (sadly they made his COP and SCOP somehow OP...)

I haven't that many ideas for this than on Custom Units, but I guess this helps a bit

Red Fire

Description: his a young man of action in the police forces of Red Fire, he is oftenly requested to chase and arrest some of the most dangerous gangsters and thugs.

Note: He makes a perfect duo with Hector CO (see below) with an Incredible +130% synergy.

Hits  Very Happy : chases!
Miss  Mad : Further investigation on cases.

Passive: All Frank's infantries (not counting mechs), recons, APCs, copters (both T.Copters and B.Copters) and Cruisers are 10% more tought than usual.

COP: Persecution [3 bars]: All his specialized units gain +1 movement, +15% defense/offense. Any unit gains +5% firepower/defense on roads and properties.
SCOP: Justice Strike [7 bars]: All his specialized units gain +2 movement, gain +25% defense/offense, rest gain just +1 movement and standard bonus from any COP/SCOP. Any unit gain +10% firepower/defense on roads and properties, and if on FoW game he gains vision of all properties.

Theme: Astral_techno_metal-Worlds_apart_trilogy

Description: he is a 35-45 years old man that works in the police station of Red Fire and carries the heavy further investigation of the police station.

Note: He makes a perfect duo with Frank CO with an Incredible +130% synergy.

Hits Very Happy : clarify complicated cases
Miss Mad : Bad action movies

Passive: Hector can gain +1000 income per turn per each lab he ows because of efficent investigation manegment. Hector unlocks permanently a lab unit (randomly) as he captures his very first lab. Hector gains +5% offense/defense per each lab owned.

COP: Clarified Case [2 bars]: Hector unlocks all lab units for a turn even if he doesn't own a lab. Aditionally, labs gives him a boost of +10% offense/defense per each lab owned. All his units gain +1 vision range, and all his labs gain a 3 vision radius that shows any unit (even on forest, not dived) on the area. Aditionally he gains +1000 funds inmediatly per each lab owned.

SCOP: Enigma's Ultimatum [8 bars]: Hector unlocks all lab and banned units for a turn. Aditionally gives him a boost of +20% offense/defense per each lab owned. All his units gain +1 movement and +2 vision range and labs gain 5 vision radius that shows any unit (even dived ones). Aditionally ALL ALIED lab units built gain an aditional massive boost of +30% offensive/defense (even the one that he has unlocked at his very first lab!, note this depends on the lab units). He gain inmediatly +1000 funds per each lab on the map.

Theme: Astral_techno_metal-Deep_in_trance

Out of many ideas at all, but hope they are really good ones.


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