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List of most active players for non 1vs1 matches

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List of most active players for non 1vs1 matches

Post  IPS on Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:55 am

hies, I create this list in the forums in order to create a kind of honorable list of people that are proving being really possitive pressences on any kind of non 1vs1 games.

On the list are:
Sixx Spades
Mr Allen J
Jackie Milton
calm wind
Pika Rizard

The intention of this list is that in a near future, I will create rooms and only allowing players in this list to enter. I like the idea of this list because it's an honour being on this list and doesn't shame anyone else.


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Re: List of most active players for non 1vs1 matches

Post  Blanci on Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:10 am

I think it is very good idea to move almost immediately in team or multi player and I always do and from my recent experience also add everdan, fang and probly more. ( in 1v1 its different IMO)
In multi you are holding up more people and if everyone does that it really drags. In 1 v1 a player can create another 1v1 if he is bored but its more complicated organising a decent multi. Also multi have a lot of randomly stuff and it s not so important to win but support and keep teammate happy by moving and encourage them to not lose interest in game.

Useful topic.


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Re: List of most active players for non 1vs1 matches

Post  InfernusMachine on Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:55 am

Oh look. It's me Twisted Evil Laughing

I pass here in the forum atleast one time per month Razz  so if i dont answer quicker i'm sorry in advance x)

About the list, i play with friends of my University: Sobradentes, hobbit_feup and feup. Hobbit_feup also plays in other games, so i think that you can add him on the list Smile just check his profile if you want to. Smile

About other players.. The game for now is offline... I can't remember other people Sad

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Re: List of most active players for non 1vs1 matches

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