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Game Archetype - TRIM

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Game Archetype - TRIM

Post  Everdan on Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:10 am

So I had an idea for a simplified gamestyle that could be a fun break from normal competitive play.

Basically, all units are banned except Transports, Recons, Infs and Mechs (hence TRIM). Since regular play almost never justifies using recons and mechs, it might be interesting to see how this impacts game strategy and what creative uses of recons and mechs players can come up with.

Intuitively, the unit roles are as follows: Infantries meatshield, capture and kill other infs (no surprise there), recons are largely offensive in nature, picking off lone infs and disrupting captures, while mechs provide defensive backbone (and, crucially, can 2HKO enemy recons, or 1HKO them with a little chip damage, which recons cannot do).

This is probably played best on custom-designed maps, but I think it can work on regular maps as well (for best results, probably 20x20 and smaller with 20 properties/side or less) Just set starting funds to 500/property to prevent over-funding, and give each player 2000 intitial funds to ensure that each side can max out on inf production during the first few turns.

Of course this is likely to shake up the tier list (e.g. Sami may now be broken, while Eagle and Grit are probably bottom tier.)

If anybody wants to try this out, I've created a game on Bandit Revolver GL, look for it in public games. ciao~

AWBW Map Committee
AWBW Map Committee

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Re: Game Archetype - TRIM

Post  Jackie Milton on Wed Dec 30, 2015 4:38 pm

That sounds like good fun. Maybe fewer options will inspire more creative victories. Or games may become stale inf-fests. But either way, it mixes things up. A little break from the meta Smile (not that I'm well versed or anything)

Not to plug my own map, but this is similar to my Old Skool Shooter games (Originally only consisting of Recons, Infantry, and Mechs (or RIMs)) I certainly have fun on those, and hopefully they become a thing as well (now with tanks and artillery!). With that, I have 9k starting funds and that's it. This allows for unique unit combos without too much spam, which I think, is very important for this low-cost unit archetype. For that reason, I would be a little worried about mech spam from your funds proposal (10k @ 20 properties*500 funds) as infantry and possibly recons might lose some usage. I can't be sure on this, of course. After all, you are the map committee, and I am not. A potential solution (if this does turn out to be an issue) might possibly be to reduce funding even further (400, 300, or 250). "How?" you ask:

(If you already are aware of this, pardon my ignorance)
When selecting funds, right click on any option and find "Inspect Element" or "Inspector" (I use firefox, so its inspect element). double click a value and change it. (only whole numbers) you should also change the option itself, so it's not confusing.

And then (after changing value "1000" to "400" both instances).

Anyway, I joined a game. Excited to see how it goes!
Jackie Milton

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