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Design Map Competition: 3 Player FFA

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Design Map Competition: 3 Player FFA

Post  Xmo5 on Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:01 pm

Welcome to the AWBW Map design competition where you can test your map design skills against other AWBW users to see who can make the best map!

In this event, contestants will be given the task of designing the best 3 Player, free-for-all (FFA) map they can. There are very few good 3P FFA maps on AWBW, and for good reason: By the very nature of this layout, perfect symmetry cannot be achieved and countering FTA isn't as straightforward as it usually is. These factors make this a perfect challenge for map designers to overcome and leaves lots of room for innovation, so get your thinking caps on!

How to Participate:

The concept is simple: All you have to do is design and publish a map and fits the theme of the tournament. As previously mentioned, in this case that means all maps must be designed for 3 player free for all (FFA). Particular emphasis is given to competitive play requirements and to maps that allow all 3 players to fight together simultaneously on the same battlefield. (This means that workaround solutions like making the map into multiple different 1v1 matches are less desirable and will not score as well)

In order to submit your map for the competition, just leave a comment on this thread with the map you're submitting or send me a message here, on AWBW, or on the discord server. In the interest in preventing confusion from users making edits during the scoring process, an image of the map will be captured at the time of submittal, and any changes after that point will not impact scoring of the map, so please be sure your map is ready before submitting! Users will be allowed to submit up to 3 maps. The competition will close on January 15, 2018 at 8:00 AM Eastern US Time, and any maps submitted after that time will not be included.


All maps submitted will be given a score by MC members based on the following criteria and respective point values:

  • Balance (10 pts) - Balance is obviously going to be a key component of the 3P FFA map. The points will be awarded based on how fair the map is for all players and how well FTA is countered.

  • Gameplay (10 pts) - Gameplay points will be awarded for how well a map is designed to give a fun experience for all players/positions. The degree to which the map allows for different strategies and varied gameplay will be important, as will be the degree to which the map stays true to the 3P FFA feel (see note above about the 1v1-like format)

  • Creativity (5 pts) - Points will be awarded for finding innovative or creative solutions to the problems posed by 3P FFA maps, as well as for general ingenuity in map design.

  • Aesthetics (5 pts) - Who says style doesn't count for something? Nobody wants to play on an ugly map, so earn some extra points for making a map that's easy on the eyes.  Razz

Playtesting may be required to differentiate top candidates, but will not be used to evaluate all maps. Additionally, as MC members will be scoring maps, they will not be participating in the competition.

Summary of Rules:

  • Maps must be designed for 3P FFA
  • Users can submit up to 3 maps
  • All maps must be submitted by January 15, 2018 at 8:00 AM Eastern US Time
  • Map design at the time of submittal will be evaluated, regardless of subsequent changes
  • Maps will be scored via MC evaluation and, as a result, MC members cannot participate in the tournament
  • The map with the highest score wins!

Good luck to all participants, and have fun!

List of Maps Submitted:

Battle for the main land by crazydusty

AWBW Map Committee
AWBW Map Committee

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