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WARNET ......originally posted by XMO5

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WARNET  ......originally posted by XMO5  Empty WARNET ......originally posted by XMO5

Post  Blanci on Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:53 pm

There's also another site, warnet, that seems to be pretty similar to WeeWar with the exception that the units/properties are medieval themed and that you can play in FoW.

Warnet Help      

There are some very helpful guides under the "Help" tab if you want to learn about how the game/units work. Again, haven't read everything personally, but when I've needed specific info, I've always been able to find it there.

Extra Info  ( blanci)

theres also a fun demo video with music
The game is hex based like panzer general
the demo shows game with much more units than is customary in AWBW (apart from some unusual standoffy games that do occur sometimes between good players)  ...whether this massive numbers of units is a usual feature of WARNET is something we should find out.

Please report your experiences in this thread.
Thanks XM05 for posting about Warnet ...looks interesting
I think every significant new AW type game that Works online deserves its own thread so we can asses which we prefer.

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WARNET  ......originally posted by XMO5  Empty Re: WARNET ......originally posted by XMO5

Post  Xmo5 on Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:16 pm

I agree, thanks for reposting this in its own thread. I was going to post it both places but never got the chance.

The links got lost from my original post so I've included them here:

Warnet Help

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