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Some Questions

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Some Questions Empty Some Questions

Post  junkyver on Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:24 pm

About Private Games
How to make them?
I believe that making a game with the password will become a private audience, but does not appear in the "waiting (private)" games.
Neither can invite other players, the invitation never comes and the game I can only see it myself

About Upgrade a map
After upgrading a map where someone was playing on, some changes becomes to black blocks. How to avoid this? The only solutions is re-make the map?

Exist some metod for extract a map to txt?


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Some Questions Empty Re: Some Questions

Post  ichbinsehselber on Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:27 am

As you thought private games can simply be made by setting a password. Please check if you made a mistake during creatioin of your game. Sometimes there is an error and the game is not created.
You are right, the game should be listed under waiting (private) after creation of the game.

You write you are the only player who can see your game. So it is neither listed under waiting public nor under waiting private but it is listed under your games? Correct? This should only happen if the game is full.

About upgrade of a map:
I had this problem once but after some time the black squares disappeared. The map looks now normal.


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Some Questions Empty Re: Some Questions

Post  Xmo5 on Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:31 am

Indeed, simply adding a password in that field will automatically make that game a private game. Once that happens, your game should appear in Waiting Private and any players who join need to input the password. After the game is full, it will no longer appear in Waiting Private, however, just as normal, you can view the game by going to Your Games, where all unstarted games are on top of the list. You can also check the password you used here. Unfortunately, the "Invite Players" button does not work, but you can manually send a message with the game name and password to invite them instead.

There's always a chance that if your game does not appear in Waiting Private, that the map was designed for the wrong number of players. For example, when you make the map and set the size, you pick a number of players; let's say you pick 2 players. Even if you design your map with 3 different HQs, you will not be able to play as a 3 player map, and the game may be removed from Waiting Private after only 2 players join because it thinks the game is full. Basically, make sure the number of players and the number of HQs on a map are equal to avoid weird problems like this.

Now, as far as editing a map while there are games on it, that may impact the game. I can't remember whether this was possible before or not or whether it messed up games before or not, but the site has a number of bugs now so I think it's especially touchy. I highly recommend waiting for games to finish, unpublishing the map (so new games are not created), making updates, and republishing. That said, on your screen, you will sometimes get black tiles on a map after updating, even if there are no active games. For that, just clear your internet browser cache (or try refreshing a few times) and it will go back to normal; those aren't map editor issues, just issues with your browser displaying the map since it's still trying to "remember" the old map images from that page.

Hope that helps!

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AWBW Map Committee

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Some Questions Empty Re: Some Questions

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