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Post  WalkerBoh on Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:48 am

I am proud to announce that as of today fully automated Z-Games are debuting on AWBW. This thread should serve as a convenient FAQ for any questions you may have about this new feature. Please contact me either here or on the main site (username: walkerboh01) with any further questions.

What are Z-Games?:

A: Z-Games are public games that are automatically created and started on the site. They appear on the Join Game page as maps with game names like "Z - ...". They are free for anyone on the site to join and participate in.

The goal of Z-Games is to always have games with fair settings available with a variety of maps and game types, so that new (or lazy) users do not have to create and start their own games in order to play on AWBW. It also helps get games on good maps that might otherwise never be played.

How do I play in a Z-Game?:

A: Z-Games work the same as any other user-created game. After joining a game on the Join Game page, you can find your waiting game on the Your Games page. There you can change your CO or country, or drop out of the game. Once the game starts and it is your turn, you can find the game on the Your Turn Games page.

How often are Z-Games created and started?:

A: New Z-Games are created once per day. There can be a maximum of 25 games waiting at one time (so if there are enough games available, no new games will be made).

To start your Z-Game, click the [Ready] button found on the "Your Games" page. Once you and your opponent have both clicked [Ready], the game will start immediately.

Otherwise, there is a script that runs once per hour to start Z-Games. Once a game is full and ready to start, it is marked as full. Then, any games that have already been marked full are started. Therefore any full Z-Game will be started within 2 hours of both players joining.

Any unjoined Z-Game that is older than one week will be automatically deleted.

How are maps chosen?:

A: Z-Games randomly select maps belonging to any of 4 categories:
- New
- Under Review
- A-Rank
- S-Rank

Higher weight is given to New and Under Review maps.

How are game settings chosen?:

A: Z-Games can generate any of 4 different types of games:

1. Standard - Games with standard "league" settings: Fog of War = OFF, funds per property = 1000, starting funds = 0.

2. Fog of War (FOG) - Games with Fog of War turned ON. FoW games have a 30% chance of being picked from the "Fog of War' map category, but otherwise can be on any other eligible map.

3. High Funds (HF) - Games with funds per property set to 2500. For more information about high funds gameplay, please see this thread. These games are only played on maps in the "High Funds" map category.

4. Limited High Funds (LHF) - Games with funds per property set to 500, and starting funds set to 100,000. For more information about limited high funds gameplay, please see this thread. These games are only played on maps in the "Limited High Funds" map category.

Currently all Z-Games also have the following rules:
- All games are 1 vs. 1, so no FFA or Team games (this might change in the future)
- No tags (this will only change if tag bugs are fixed --> unlikely)
- Clear weather
- Black Bombs banned
- Boot/AET interval of 4/6 days, same as Global League

How are CO bans chosen?:

A: CO bans are picked randomly from among 6 different tiers (T0 thru T5). See the AWBW CO Tier List for details. The only difference is that Nell has been moved to Tier 0 (broken), while Flak and Jugger have been moved to Tier 5 (Bottom).

The following exceptions are made:
- If the game type is FOG, Sonja is moved to tier 2
- If the game type is HF or LHF, several CO's are moved around depending on how they are impacted by the game style
- Javier is either tier 5, 1, 0, or always banned if the map has 0, 1, 2, or 3+ towers, respectively

A small percentage of games are also created with CO powers turned OFF.

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