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AWBW Game Page Patch Notes

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AWBW Game Page Patch Notes Empty AWBW Game Page Patch Notes

Post  WalkerBoh on Sun May 20, 2018 5:53 pm

Hi all,

For the last several months, I have been working hard on a patch for game.php on AWBW. The main purpose of this patch was to clean up the backend game logic immensely. This will make it easier for me to fix bugs, update the interface, and just generally maintain the site.

However, since I was working on it already, this patch includes many of those updates. Below you can find a mostly complete list of the added features and bug fixes.

Credit for most of the new graphics (including the new header logo) go to Jay Embee. And big thanks to everyone who helped with the alpha and beta testing!

These changes will be live on the main site as of June 3rd, 2018.

-- Walker


Added Features:

Player Information
- Player overview table located above map as a quick reference for your most important info
- Colored indicators added to show player availability (viewing game, online, offline, on vacation)
- New icon and coloring added for showing Your Turn player, winner, and loser
- CO images are now links to the CO chart (game page only)

- Broadcasts, Press, Sent Press, and All Press have been consolidated onto one page
- Team designations are now shown
- Filter added to parse Player / Message Type fields
- New messages notification now pops up at the top of the map

Game Menu
- Completely overhauled and moved below the map, with clickable icons for actions
- Game info button added to menu
    - Shows game settings (incl. capture and day limits)
    - Shows banned and lab units
- View option added to menu, allowing users to change gridlines, co theme, map theme, and shoals display directly on game page
- Show warnings mode added (on by default)
    - Prompts the user for confirmation for Wait Unit, End Turn, Tag CO, and Use (Super) CO Power
    - Load/Join/Delete are still always prompted regardless of the selection

Game Map
- The unit action menus have been overhauled completely
    - Clickable icons for all actions have been added
    - Icons for all unit stats have been added (fuel, vision, ammo, range, etc.)
    - Terrain tiles now show terrain defense
   - Transports now display the HP of the units they're carrying
    - Unit menu will pop up automatically after moving if you have a valid capture or fire target
- "Select next unmoved unit" button has been added, which brings up the unit menu for a unit you own that has not acted yet
- Check damage function has been added to the unit menu
    - Mouseover enemy units to display nominal damage
    - Click enemy units to see attack and counterattack ranges
   - Damage calculator counterattack data now shows the absolute min and max unit a counterattacking unit can deal, instead of nominal
- Highlight squares will now flicker on mouse hover, to visually distinguish which tile is selected
- Highlight coloring has been adjusted for Set Path
- Build menu now lists units by cost rather than alphabetically
- The currently selected unit now has special icon, instead of a solid blue background
- Units selected for Check Move/Range/Damage also have a new, special icon
- Hovering over a building you can produce units from now shows a [Wrench] icon
- Hovering over a ghosted building shows a red [X] icon

Fixed Bugs:

CO Power Bars
- CO power bars now drain based on the current star cost, instead of the cost after using the power
- CO power bars for Tag COs now charge properly on counterattacks
- CO power bars now charge based on the displayed damage (based on unit HP), instead of on the exact decimal damage.
- CO power bar cost should now increase by a flat 1800 per use, instead of compounding
- CO power bar charging for tags is improved, but still slightly buggy - this is still a work in progress

- The boot/AET timer now displays the exact time until the boot will occur (when timer hits 0, player is booted on next script run)
- Page caching issues have been fixed (toggle gridlines is no longer a magical hack)
- The menu for unloading and joining units is no longer available for other players' units
- Mousing over a pipe seam will no longer close the unit info window

- Sasha now receives funds from counterattacks while her SCOP is active
- Funding received is now based on displayed damage dealt instead of actual decimal damage
- Funding received is now capped at half the unit's value; for example, dealing 10 damage to a 1hp copter now no longer results in +4500 funds received
- Sasha's COP now properly drains the tagged CO's power bar (in addition to the main CO)

- Fuel usage is no longer calculated incorrectly when a unit is stopped by a hidden unit
- Fuel icon now displays at 33% remaining, instead of 25%
- CO powers that heal units currently now heal >9 hp units with partial (chip) damage (similarly, CO powers that damage enemy units now affect units at <1 hp)
- Units on a port or airport now receive repairs if they are at 10hp but are partially damaged
- Repairs, funds from joining units, and CO power bar charging for Hachi/Colin/Kanbei units are now proportional to their unit cost
- Jake gets +10% attack on broken pipe seams
- Jake and Jess piperunners are now correctly boosted during SCOP (display updated too)
- Ghost units no longer block joining, loading, or unloading (only building)
- Preowned buildings not owned by one of the players on the map (e.g., AB cities on a map with only OS and BM playable) will now always be converted to neutral (cannot be owned by changing to that country's color)

Last edited by WalkerBoh on Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:26 pm; edited 14 times in total

AWBW Map Committee
AWBW Map Committee

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AWBW Game Page Patch Notes Empty Re: AWBW Game Page Patch Notes

Post  InfernusMachine on Sun May 20, 2018 6:31 pm

Here another like!
Thank you!

cheers Yaaay

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AWBW Game Page Patch Notes Empty Re: AWBW Game Page Patch Notes

Post  ichbinsehselber on Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:14 pm

a late reply from me (since I haven't been here much recently)

This patch was a big step forward and has improved the awbw interface a lot! A really nice achievement!
And it is together with so many other smaller patches which came before and after the one mentioned.
Great work!


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AWBW Game Page Patch Notes Empty Re: AWBW Game Page Patch Notes

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