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AWBW Site Layout Overhaul - Beta Version Available

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AWBW Site Layout Overhaul - Beta Version Available Empty AWBW Site Layout Overhaul - Beta Version Available

Post  WalkerBoh on Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:33 am

Hi everyone,

Today I'm happy to announce that we have another big patch for AWBW that is ready to enter beta testing. With a ton of coding help from Matsuzen (Stelleria) and graphics support from Jay Embee, we have made a lot of updates to the general site layout. Specifically, the goal was to bring a more modern look to AWBW by overhauling the header and menu. In addition, many other aspects of the site have been updated and several new features have been added. See the list below in spoilers for an overview of the changes.

However, we need help from the community to test the new site layout before we go live on the main site. If you would like to participate in the beta testing, all you need to do is go to the link below and use the site as you normally would. Please report any bugs or issues to Walker (Discord username: @Walker#9545, AWBW username: walkerboh01).

** The beta version is live on the main site as of 03/11/19. **

All credit for the design and code for the new header, menu, and homepage goes to Matsuzen. In addition, several of the new features (most notably the Zoom function) were developed with his help. This patch would not exist without his hard work and expertise. Thank you!

As always, I really appreciate everyone's support in helping to make this patch the best it can be. I hope you enjoy the updates!

-- Walker



Site Layout:
- The main site menu has been integrated into the top header of the page and the menu items were consolidated into dropdowns.
- A new dropdown box for login and register has been added to the menu.
- The home page has been completely redesigned, with several new graphics.
- All site content has been centered under the header and placed within a fixed container. A new background depicting the Wars World map has been added behind the container.
- The format of content on almost every page has been updated to match the new header and layout.
- The font size for text has generally been increased across the site.
- On larger screens (>1500 pixels wide), the User Menu is always visible on the left.
- A new logo was added to the header.
- Automatic redirects have been added for several actions (for example: creating a game, joining a game, or saving changes to a design map).

User Settings:
- The User Info page has been cleaned up to remove several outdated fields.
- A field for user signature has been added.
- Notification settings have been overhauled. Users can now receive notifications either thru email or via the AWBW Discord Chat.
- Notifications are now available for Game Create, Game Join, Game Start, Game End, Your Turn, and New Messages.
- The user message inbox has been separated from User Info onto its own page.
- The maximum number of messages has been increased from 30 to 50.
- The user Profile page content has been cleaned up to reflect the updated User Info fields.
- A "Role" field has been added to designate site admins and Map Committee members
- User online status is now visible on the profile page. This also denotes if a user is on vacation, and when the vacation started.
- The number of games shown on the profile page has been limited to 10 Active and 10 Completed. Links have been added to view all active and completed games for the user.

Game Page / Replay / Move Planner:
- The in-game header and menu layout has been updated and moved to the top of the page.
- A 'Zoom' function has been added, to adjust the map size from 0.5x - 3.0x zoom.
- Automatic scrolling on page load has been added to all three pages (previously only game page).
- Replays are now available for active fog of war games. The replay will only show vision for your team until the game is completed.
- Replays are now available for active games with Sonja. All Sonja players on other teams have unit hp and value hidden.
- Replays are now available for active games with hidden stealths or subs.
- A direct button to access replays has been added to the game list for completed games.
- Blank maps can now be loaded into the Move Planner (does not require a game to be started on them).
- Replay states can now be loaded into the Move Planner from the replay page (for active or completed games).
- The "Select Next Unmoved Unit" function has been updated to list any empty bases as well (note: airports and ports are not shown).
- The terrain on the unit action popup has been updated to show the current weather.
- The checkboxes for showing Banned and Lab units have been updated - banned units now show a red X.
- Broken pipe seams are now properly hidden in Fog of War.

Design Maps:
- The menu on the map preview page has been reformatted and moved to the top.
- The Zoom function has been added for map previews.
- Map comments can now be edited without leaving the map preview page.
- The design map editor interface has been overhauled and streamlined.
- Symmetry selection is saved when updating a map.
- Note: symmetry options for placing units is no longer supported.

- The Join Game page has been updated to display the map property counts and a list of CO bans organized by CO tier.
- The Join Game page includes a link to the CO information chart, which now displays directly which COs are banned for that game as well.
- CO bans in game lists are now displayed in groups based on banned or unbanned, and banned CO names now have strikethrough.
- The formatting of map lists has been updated standardized across multiple pages, such as Recent Maps, User Design Maps, Map Categories, and Map Favorites.
- Keyboard controls have been added for maps lists (not game lists yet) to allow flipping through lists using the left or right arrows.
- The interface for inviting players to games has been updated with an option to add players from your Friends list.
- In-page warnings for several out of game actions have been added (for example, deleting games, deleting map comments, dropping out of games, etc.).
- The map analysis page has been reformatted, and now properly shows draws separately from wins and losses.
- The user unit history and map analysis pages no longer show unit build statistics if there is an active fog game for the user/map.
- A user activity icon has been added next to the player name on game lists (Green = Viewing this game, Yellow = Online, viewing another page, Grey = Offline, Red = On vacation.

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